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Snowboarder Alex Clapin steps up to challenge from Red Bull at Vail Pond Skimming Championships, wins $1,000

Posted by Polina LaConte on Apr 11, 2016 12:58:05 AM

During this year's Vail pond skimming championships, a bit of the action played like a DVD with a scratch -- skier after skier half flipping onto their backs, snowboarder after snowboarder failing to cross the pond.

At one point, someone from Red Bull got as bored with it as the fans were, and the announcement was made: "1,000 to any snowboarder who makes it across the pond."

Alex Clapin is not your average snowboarder. The Australia native is an ambassador for GoPro and has been spending the season honing his skills in Vail. Quickly caught up in the local festivities, he even backflipped Vail's famous Wailer on St. Patrick's Day this year, just for fun. 

He's been making a name for himself around town, and on Sunday, he showed the town the name would be written on a fat check from Red Bull. 

Congrats, Alex!

Check out the video below. 


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